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I'm Amy

I’m the GIF-loving, nacho-craving, strategy-slaying CEO and Head Integrator leading the team at The Operations House.

After 12+ years climbing the corporate ladder,

I threw caution to the wind and branched out on my own to help entrepreneurs take the next steps towards growing their own businesses. I’m 100% strategies-focused so that my clients can stop worrying about the small details and start focusing on the big picture—and their profits.

With a clear need to expand—never a problem if you ask me—I’ve added passionate, detail-oriented, and frankly, uber impressive women to my team to help handle every need our clients face. Organization, strategy, workflows, launches, oh my! <<---- We love it all. 


Some call it nerdy...we prefer to consider ourselves business strategy all-stars. Because #flair.

We handle everything from the overwhelming, high-level tasks to the “extra stuff” that doesn’t exactly make you jump out of bed in the morning to tackle.

I love that stuff—and my team geeks out over it even more than I do. Lucky you.


A little more about me, Amy.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have two amazing kiddos. They are my world and the reason I decided to map out an exit strategy from corporate and create my own company. I realized the skills that I possess and desire I have to help other businesses owners grow is unique. Plus, I sneak in for a surprise school lunch whenever I want. Win-win! 

Let’s be honest. We simply can’t DO EVERYTHING in our own businesses—but we can be smart enough to work with people who LOVE… and excel at… the things we don’t.