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Consistent Action the Key to Success

consistent action

I am a big advocate for client experience. It needs to be at the nuclear of your business in order to see massive success and growth. The easiest and best way to do this? Through consistent action. Repeating the same steps throughout your processes so your clients know what to expect and when. I did executive training…

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Focus on Planning

Today we’re going to focus on planning! This means we’re going to take a look at what it means to make a plan that simplifies the process for your launch. In order for your launch to be successful, you need a plan, you need to know what to do when to do it, and who…

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Focus on knowing your business

focus on knowing your business

When you’re ready to launch a new product, service, or offer all of the steps can be overwhelming when you look at the big picture. I’ve been in the backend of multiple five and six-figure launches and I know the components you need to have in place in order to Maximize Your Launch. In this…

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3 Tips for Gaining More Time in Your Day

time management tips

Our clients often bemoan the fact that their to-do lists are miles long and they wish they had more time in the day to get all their tasks done. Add in the number of clients they have to serve during the week and the stress can become overbearing. Even though we all have only 24…

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Onboarding Your Virtual Assistant

onboarding your virtual assistant

Hooray! You’ve reached an important milestone in your business and hired your first team member! You’re both excited to jump right in, but let’s not forget the importance of formally onboarding your virtual assistant. Now, if you’ve followed my advice about how to plan and hire your VA (and I’m sure you did!), you’ve already: Determined which tasks…

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Why the Virtual Assistant You Hired Didn’t Work

hiring a virtual assistant

At some point, every online entrepreneur needs to drop the solo act and add a team member. It’s simply impossible to continue to grow your business if you keep doing everything yourself. But what if you’ve reached that point, hired a virtual assistant, yet business isn’t growing or you’re not saving any time? If you think you’ve hired the…

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5 Strategies to Get Your Business Organized

As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats. Even if you have a teammate or two, you’re likely juggling several key functions in your business. If you don’t get your business organized and superbly systemized, work is going to fall through the cracks. You lose time, clients, and money without excellent organization. If you don’t…

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What to Do When You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

When a solopreneur reaches the point where she can’t keep up with business growth on her own, the first step is often to hire a virtual assistant. If that’s where you are – or the point you’re rapidly approaching – I have some advice for taking this exciting step. Done right, hiring your first team member will work wonders for…

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Hire the Right Team Member for Your Online Business

Your online business is growing, bringing in new clients and revenue consistently. Great! But if it’s starting to get ahead of you, it might be time to hire a team member. Maybe more and more of the time you used to spend on your area expertise – the thing you started the business for in…

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