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Frazzled to Focused

Ready to be the CEO in your business?


Plan for Profit

VIP Intensive with Amy


One-on-One Coaching

Business Growth and Operations Mentorship


Scale My Business

Workflows, SOPs, and Client Management Implementation

Frazzled to Focused

Ready to be the CEO in your business?

It’s time to create the systems you need to effectively run your business as a CEO, not an implementer. If your business is moving forward but you KNOW there is a better way to get everything done each day, then it’s time to review your procedures and get them set up so you can scale more and make more (minus the burnout)

The Operations House is a one-stop operations team ready and able to review your business, break down the tasks you do every day, and set up systems and processes that help your business run smoothly and efficiently. 

Everyone wants to find more time in their day, but if you want to become the CEO in your business and actually create more success and money, you HAVE to. The best way to do that is to automate those tasks that you do day in and day out in your business, and THAT is what The Operations House is best at. 

Do you need:  

✅Next steps to move your business forward so that you can scale?

✅Standard operating procedures for every task and team member role?

✅Less personal oversight of the business operations - giving you time to create your next product, service or package?

✅Someone to come in and set up the backend of your business to make the management side less daunting so you can spend your time generating sales instead of managing operations? 

Imagine handing over the reins of the day-to-day business operations to your team and stepping fully into the Visionary role that you’re craving.  

Book a call and let’s see if you’re ready to leave frazzled and frustrated behind, so that you can focus on the future of your business and create a scalable structure that allows you to save more time and more money. 

Not sure if you’re ready? 

Are you: 

✅Looking to hire your first contractor?

✅Trying to give your already hired contractors a clear, concise direction on tasks? 

✅Tired of spending so much time managing your team and deliverables? 

✅Wishing that you’d already created processes prior to hiring to keep everyone on the same page? 

✅Over the process of training, re-training, and re-working systems that never seem to work? 

Then it’s time to get help and finally set your business up for operational success because let’s be honest - if you have the challenges above, you are leaving money on the table - A LOT OF IT.

If you’re looking for guidance on how best to take your business to the next level, you don’t need another coach or course because that just adds more to YOUR plate and keeps you from TRULY scaling your impact and income. Invest in building the systems you need to scale your business because then all that coaching and those courses? Well they will finally start paying off.

What’s Included? 

  • 90-minute strategic planning session with The Operations House
  • Training videos for all delivered workflows and systems that you can use with each new hire. 
  • Project Management Boards for: 
    • Weekly To-Do List (CEO)
    • Weekly To-Do List (Team)
    • Social Media Scheduling
    • Client Management (1:1 Services)
    • Project Management (Digital Product Creation)
    • Content Repurposing (Recorded Video - Podcast - Blog - Social Media)
  • Implementation Checklists for: 
    • Digital Launches
    • Sunday Prep for a Successful Week
  • Standard Operating Procedures: 
    • Virtual Meeting Expectations
    • Client Onboarding
    • Customer Service Management
    • Email Management
    • Product Delivery
    • Social Media Scheduling
    • Discovery Call Process
    • Client Intake

While this is all a templatized delivery of the right systems and processes for your business, you can trust that it is just what you need to get your business moving forward.

If however, you want The Operations House team to create a customized package JUST for you, then you’ll get all of the above, plus done-for-you implementation where we won’t just give you the templates but we’ll do ALL the set up in your business too, and 15 days for reviews and tweaks. 

Sound like I’m speaking Greek but in the best way possible? Then you KNOW you need this in your business and your life because if I haven't been clear... this is the ONE thing you need to take back your time and make more money. So yeah- it will help your business, but imagine having more time for your LIFE. Isn't that why you built this biz in the first place?

In 30 days your business will go from limping along to running like a well-oiled machine with every team member on the same page and projects moving forward as you envision. That means all those ideas that are just in your head? They'll actually be living, breathing things moving your business to more income and more impact

Stop allowing your back-end systems and processes to handicap your growth. You can scale! You just need the time and space to do it. 


One-on-One Coaching

Business Growth Mentorship

It is time to build a business you love.

...Oh, you have heard that before?

Trust me, I know.

Does this sound familiar?

  • My business is making money... but I don't know if I can count on it next month
  • I love what I do... but don't know if I am making the right decisions to continue to grow
  • I am stressed every day about what happens next... but I don't know who to turn to.

Psst - Growing Your Business Doesn't Have to Be Hard! 

  • What if instead of wondering what happens next, you had a strategic plan that clearly defines the actions you (and your team) need to take?
  • What if, instead of not knowing where next month's revenue is coming from, you had a line of clients waiting to give you money? 
  • What if instead of feeling like you are a "manager in your business" you finally felt like the CEO... and enjoyed the freedom it gives you? 

It’s time to build a business that allows you to be the CEO while continuing to grow the company. If your business is moving forward but you KNOW there is a better way to get everything done each day, then it’s time to review hop on a call with Amy to see monthly mentoring is the right fit for you! 

Are you ready to get serious in your business, set up the systems you need to grow while creating the freedom you have wanted for so long? Sign up for your complimentary call below! 

Scale My Business

Workflows, SOPs, and Client Management Implementation

Do you feel like your business is a constant spinning wheel? Things are getting done, but you wonder if they are the right thing? Or if they could be done better? Let The Operations House jump into your business to create a custom process that works for you and your team. 

What Can You Expect?

  • A 60-minute welcome and planning call with Amy to audit the current business systems with goal planning
  • Full implementation of workflows, SOP’s, and client communication systems that will increase productivity and create ease in your day-to-day operations
  • Weekly Reports that give full transparency for all work completed and what the next steps are
  • Systems Audit For Current Projects and/or Personal Trello/Click Up Board Set Up
  • A 45-minute call after process implementation to ensure we have successfully created systems that work for you

Plan for Profit

VIP Intensive with Amy

Wondering what the next right step is in your business? 

Realize you need structure and systems in your business... but not sure what that means? 

I have got you. 

How it works: 

  • Pre-work Questionnaire delivered before your  VIP Day with Amy. She reviews all of your content, social media, website, and business structure so you are able to dive right when at the start of the day.
  • 4 solid hours, breaking down your business. You and Amy will map how where you are now and how to shift the structure to get where you need to go. Amy will create and system up the systems that are needed to shift the business to scale quickly.
  • Customized Project Management Board Delivered Within 3 Business Days (with actionable steps that lead you to profitable success)
  • 30 Days of Slack support, making sure we got it right the first time... and if not, Amy jumps in to tweak as needed. 

Looking for an example of what we work on? 

  • Your entire client experience. From lead generation to client onboarding, we will re-work your business so it works for you. You can expect to get (on average) 10 hours back weekly! 
  • Breaking down the backend of your business and creating a Hub that clearly leads your team, allowing you to step out of day-to-day management!